"Take A Seat" ~ Photo of an original programme of seated T’ai Chi exercises and relaxation. (Taiji and Chigung/Qigong). May be suitable for MS, ME, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, arthritis, Alzheimers, dementia. Also, people recovering from illness, stroke and cardiac surgery; and people who are disabled. Wheelchair users welcome. Held in Stonehaven, Banchory, Aboyne.

A seated programme dedicated to relaxation and movement
Take A Seat® is a Qigong programme of gentle movements for health and relaxation which can be practised either seated or standing. Traditionally Qigong is practised focussing on the Three Adjustments - to adjust the posture, the breath and the mind.

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Take A Seat®  2005
Take A Seat® 2008

Following the study ‘The Effects of Qigong Exercise Classes on People with Dementia’ (follow ‘Research’ link) there has been an increased interest in these movements for use in Sheltered Housing, Care Homes or a Day Care Centre setting. A foundation training course is available for care staff or activities co-ordinators. This course introduces a selection of those Qigong and T’ai Chi movements which have proved to be well received by men and women over many years of holding the classes.

An extract from the conclusion of the study reads:

“This programme of Qigong has been developed for people with dementia over several years. The findings of the Cornhill study indicate that the programme can help to maintain and retrain bi-lateral co-ordination, proprioception, concentration, spatial awareness and skilled movement. It was also noted that a sense of self awareness, confidence, relaxation and social skills were enhanced.”

A copy of the full report is available from the Journal of Dementia Care - (Vol 19 No 1).

Please direct enquiries to Carole Milligan Tel: 07808 671789 (m)

Email: carole@takeaseat.org.uk


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